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Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Sunday, 18 May 2014


FROM: June 18, 2013

City of Longwood Chambers


Meeting called to order by Chair, Judith Benson, at 5:31PM.

Conducted Pledge of Allegiance

Roll: Board attendees - Judith Benson, Ariel Gaussart, Scott Sturgill, H. Alexander Duncan, Randy Garrett


Absent - None

Approval of Agenda: Sturgill motioned for approval, Gaussart 2nd the motion, all in favor.

No guest speakers, volunteers or interns present.

No Secretary's Report by Garrett.

Approval of May's Minutes:  Sturgill motioned for approval, Duncan 2nd the motion, all in favor.

Treasurer's Report - Sturgill: Conserve Always had a $15.00 deposit from money that was collected at the Casselberry Festival.  Seminole Soil and water had an expenditure of $36.00 to Judy Benson for miscellaneous expenses. Conserve Always has an approximate balance of $259.00 and our other account has an approximate balance of $1,385.00.  The only other anticipated expenditure for the month is a payment of $111.00 for the monthly storage unit rental.

Public Relations Report - Duncan.  Received an Excel Spreadsheet from Sturgill outlining all of the different media contacts available.  Will break them down to those he feels we need to focus on and then attempt to get the media more involved with Soil and Water.  Duncan also commended Chair Benson for a quote he had observed in the Voice, in regards to the rerouting of the river to Lake Jessup.

Chair Benson asked Duncan about his progress in E-mailing the County Manager's Office, ref publishing the notice for our meetings.  Duncan stated he was waiting for verification that the publication would meet our obligation for serving Public Notice.  Chair Benson asked Duncan to start the process for our next meeting, as well as all future meetings, at least a week prior to each.  Gaussart provided Duncan with the E-mail address and phone number needed to do so.  Benson stated she is still waiting to verify the process.

Chair Benson asked for any other supervisor reports or discussions.  Gaussart suggested that the Board commit to the Adopt-A-Road program and that we clean the road 4 times per year.  Duncan suggested the Adopt-A-River program, cleaning the river twice per year.  After a brief discussion and consideration of liability, the Board focused on Adopt-A-Road.  Chair Benson suggested giving volunteers t-shirts.  Sturgill entertained donating the t-shirts and labor to print them.  Gaussart made a motion that the Board accept the Adopt-A-Road program until he could determine which roads were available.  Garrett 2nd the motion, all approved.

Chair Benson gave a report on her activity.  She discussed the use of Facebook and the importance of it in getting the Soil and Water Board into the public's eye.  She also encouraged other board members to post comments and links.  Benson also discussed the fact that she has been on conference calls and in meetings to learn what other Soil and Water Boards have been doing.  She addressed the possibility of a tri-county district.  She attended and annual meeting for area 3.  Also made phone calls at the state and national levels.  Stated the national level was unaware of the fact the Florida was losing its funding.  Gaussart discussed the possibility that if the Board agrees to form a Water Shed, it would have the power to levy taxes.  Benson also announced a state level meeting in Ocala in July.  Benson also talked about the fact that none of our board's supervisors have had any training and that we are suppose to be on a 3-2 election cycle.  FDAC only has supervisor training at area meetings.  She will try to find out when the next training session will be held.  Lee County's Soil & Water Board has asked to dissolve their board.  Sturgill mentioned that Brevard County's Soil & Water Board has 2 funded positions through the Property Appraiser.  Benson advised Seminole County had a similar test case set-up in the past but it didn't survive.  Gaussart suggested that we go to the St. Johns Water Management to determine if they have any projects that may provide funding to the Board.  Sturgill encouraged checking into the Brevard Property Appraiser's program.  Benson advised a motion has been crafted at the state level to lobby $50,000 for each Soil & Water Board Districts across the state.  13 Districts are in distress and have not filed.  Sturgill advised he went through our manual and that he has ensured we are all filed.  Benson discussed the individual Financial Disclosures that each of the supervisors need to file with the Supervisor of Elections.  She also discussed further disclosure forms the District needs to file and gave Sturgill a "heads-up" on them.  Sturgill stated he would do further research as to what needs to be filed.  Benson urged everyone to make the state meeting in Ocala and the Soil and Water Council meeting in Maitland, and would give us more information when she gets it.  Benson advised Lake Sumter,  Hernando, Pascoe, Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Polk, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee River, Sarasota , Hardy, Peace River, Charlotte and Lake County are part of Area 3.  Less than a dozen people at the state meeting.  Benson also discussed school projects that other boards have participated in.  Gaussart discussed the idea of being on the speaker's bureau.  Benson advised that she was told that our board had the best presentation at the Casselberry event and that in the future we would get better booking.  Benson feels there is the need for environmental education in our schools, and asked the question of do we create something or use something passed down from the state level?  Benson has been trying to reach out to the local farmers and nurseries.  Plans are in the works to hold an area meeting and to invite all of the local nurseries. 

Sturgill inquired about interns,  Gaussart advised there didn't appear to be any, that he has not been able to contact him.  Garrett mentioned the pending court case that may require payment for interns.

Benson advised Orange                County has one.  Benson advised Seminole State would be our best bet to acquire interns.  Benson suggests we scratch the word intern and replace it with volunteer.  Benson mentioned the use of high school students.  Sturgill advised against using high school students.  The task of issuing credits may be a concern.

Duncan discussed previous funding from the County Commission and possibly working with the South Florida Water District's model as a way to do business here.  Benson advised our Water Management has not been as receptive.

Gaussart inquired about Tim Brouder's topic.  Benson felt that since we are all volunteers there may be issues with creating a program.  She presented information about a green industry professionals program that is already in existence.  The Water Management Districts and EPA would love to see this program initiated.  She doesn't want to have to control it.  Comes with pre packaged English and Spanish versions.  Wants to bring it in through Soil and Water or a non-profit she has created.  We have to bring in education...the Landscaping and Irrigation industry wants certifications and licenses.  Discussion was held on whether or not the people in the industry would be receptive to more regulation, although it would be voluntary.   Benson expressed some concern about our mission fitting into the bigger picture.

Gaussart inquired about guests for next month.  Nobody had any guests scheduled but Gaussart stated he may be able to get someone.

Duncan stated he will add his report from FDEP Field Review time he spent at the Bronson Forest Ranch onto the July Agenda.

Benson added that the meeting in July will be held on the 23rd.

Meeting adjourned at 7:09PM

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