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Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Sunday, 18 May 2014


FROM: November 19, 2013

City of Longwood Chambers


Meeting called to order by Chair, Judith Benson, at 5:43 PM.

Conducted Pledge of Allegiance

Roll: Board attendees - Judith Benson, Scott Sturgill, Randy Garrett


Absent - Ariel Gaussart, H. Alexander Duncan

Approval of Agenda: Garrett motioned for approval, Sturgill 2nd the motion, all in favor.

Approval of September Meeting Minutes: Sturgill motioned for approval, Garrett 2nd the motion, all in favor.

No guest speakers, volunteers, guests or interns present.

No Secretary's Report by Garrett.

Treasurer's Report - Sturgill: Conserve All Ways had no activity. Current balance in SSWCD is $706.79 minus $111.30 for the check for storage.  The account balance is starting to run very low at $111.00 per month so we must figure something out in order to place some funds into the account.  We may have to cancel the storage?

Public Relations Report - Duncan: Not present

Vice Chair Report - Gaussart: Not Present

Chair Report - Benson: Has been busy interacting with a lot of different forums.  We have a response from the St. John's River Management on our board's letter.  Their response looks like a typical form letter with standard answers. They have another week to determine if the Niagara application is complete.  St. John's is polling the public about Niagara on its web site.  There are signs the community is outraged.  Benson has been encouraging groups to get more involved by learning who their Soil and Water Supervisors are.  The activists have written a declaration that they want to present to the Governor.   Discussed the lower Floridian versus the upper Floridian water sources.  We have even more issues with our water management.  None of the water management districts will deny wells for property owners because they cannot deny permits due to possible litigation.  They do have consumption caps on permits but with no meters or forms of reporting, they caps are unenforceable.  In turn they give them such a high cap that the cap is theoretically not capable of being violated.  Found a study that was completed in France.  The life span of some of the chemicals in fertilizer stays active for 85 to 100 years.  Sturgill asked about a rate increase with the Public Service Commission.  Benson advised she heard this and can't find anything in writing on it.  The increase would be roughly 40% from what she has heard.  Will send me the fertilizer and citizen clean water documents to the supervisors through email. Benson also discussed a proposed bill on water by Senator David Simmons.  The Senator has asked several committees and groups to write proposals.  None of the versions really have common ground.  He may have actually brought the bill to the legislator and then took the re-writes to it later?  Benson attended a telephone conference meeting with AFCD in October.  Asked them why they are not getting more involved at a state level to represent the Soil and Water Districts.  They may be putting a plan together to be more visible and proactive.  Will email us the AFCD minutes.

Supervisor Reports/Comments: 

Sturgill: Fundraising for the board is necessary and we may have to cut our storage.  Discussed Brevard's fundraising method through its Property Appraiser.  Benson stated she has not had any success in getting our Property Appraiser to do anything like this.  Sturgill advised we have 3 or 4 months before funding is depleted.  Supervisors discussed the storage of old records and possibilities for future storage in order to save money.  Sturgill advised he would talk with Lee Constantine to see if he may be able to help with recommendations for storage or funding.  Sturgill also mentioned utilizing Face Book to raise money by allowing people to advertise on our page for a fee.  Benson stated that we are a group versus a page, so we would need to convert to a page.  Benson also discussed the possibility of asking for donations from various businesses.  Sturgill asked if the other Supervisors were okay with him converting the group to a page.  Benson and Garrett advised they were okay with it and Sturgill stated he would look in to it.

Garrett:  Advised Benson was correct in her past statement about Sunshine law.  We are required to give citizens public documents and cannot ask for or demand their name and information before providing the documents.  Once we provide the documents we can ask, but they do not have to provide us anything.  We can redact certain information though.  Garrett also advised he was very disappointed and uneasy over the fact that the board does not have funding to provide each Supervisor with error and omissions and liability insurance.  Garrett stated it is a shame that each Supervisor, as volunteers, must take on personal liability for conducting the people's business.  If the Federal Government mandates our board, someone must at least provide minimal funds to operate.  Garrett indicated that if the board is unable to acquire funding for error and omissions and liability insurance, he is uneasy and may consider suspending his involvement with the board until it is acquired, and at minimum would not support the Adopt A Road program or any other programs that utilize volunteers.  Putting volunteers on the roadways without liability insurance is too much personal liability for the supervisors.  Benson stated the state is not going to fund it and that even if we wrote a proclamation that we would dissolve, the state would just say "Okay".  Sturgill suggested that we all write letters to the state to explain our position and asking for funding.  Benson stated she doesn't understand why FDAC can't just purchase one policy that covers all of the Supervisors state wide?  Benson pondered the question of do we reach out to the other districts as well?  Who carries the liability for Adopt A Road volunteers?  Does the county have insurance if someone gets hurt, and will that insurance cover us liability wise?  Garrett advised he is willing to stick it out to see if the board can acquire funding, or can work on fundraising, but he felt it was very important to get the funding.  Benson stated she is going to work on funding but she is not sure if she will be able to attend it.

Benson added that the meeting in December will be held on the 17th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:34PM.

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