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Allowed watering times:
12:00 midnight to 10:00 am, or 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Allowed watering days:
Thursday & Sundays = Even numbered and no numbered addresses.
Wednesday & Saturday = Odd numbered addresses.

For more details on watering restrictions in your area, please check with your city management.


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Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Tuesday, 27 May 2014


February 18, 2014

City of Longwood Chambers


Meeting called to order by Chair, Judith Benson, at 6:03 PM.

Conducted Pledge of Allegiance

Roll: Board attendees - Judith Benson, Randy Garrett, Ariel Gaussart, H. Alexander Duncan

Approval of Agenda: Duncan motioned for approval,  Gaussart 2nd the motion, all in favor.

Approval of November 2013 and January 2014 Meeting Minutes: Benson stated the second line item on the January minutes needed to be removed, as it was an error.  Garrett motioned for approval of November minutes and Duncan 2nd the motion, after a brief discussion all were in favor.   Duncan motioned to approve the revised January minutes and Gaussart 2nd the motion, all in favor.

No guest speakers, volunteers, guests or interns present.

No Secretary's Report

No Treasurer's Report:  Note: Due to Sturgill being absent the Board estimated that the balances to Conserve Always was roughly $259.07 and Soil and Water was roughly $474.19.

Public Relations Report - Duncan: Advised he will be going to discuss the grant and that he will e-mail the board with the results.

Vice Chair Report - Gaussart: No specific report but suggested the Board hold a workshop.

Chair Report - Benson: Stated the City Chamber is needed by the city in May,  Due to that, the meeting in May has been cancelled, so get your vacations done in May.  Benson retained the PO Box key from Garrett, since Garrett resides in Lake Mary and has difficulty checking the mail in Casselberry weekly.  The Niagara bottling permit got approved.  The permits do not provide funding to the state.  Discussed the lower Floridian versus the upper Floridian water sources and the effects of wells.  Benson also discussed the water utility pricing process, as it relates to their tier pricing.  Benson also encouraged the board members to keep their eyes open for community events that the board could attend.  Benson has been working on a case between Mr. Law and the City of Longwood, in which over $130,000 in fines have been accessed.  The fines are related to him trying to develop a fully organic garden, in violation of the city's landscaping ordinance.  Discussion was held on ways the board may be able to get involved to propose recommended changes to the city's ordinance that would have a favorable outcome for both parties.  The board members all agreed that the matter was something they felt the board could get involved with and have a positive impact.  Benson has spoken with Mr. Law and hopes that the board can be an advocate for a change in ordinance rather than choosing sides.  Duncan offered to handle some media relations on the matter, when the time comes. 

Supervisor Reports/Comments: Gaussart advised he believed his Soil and Water email was still not working.  Garrett inquired about when the last elections for officers of the board were conducted.  Benson advised she believes they were last January.  No further discussion was held.

New/Old Business: None

Meeting adjourned at 7:35PM.

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