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Purchasing food from local areas helps to cut back on gas emissions created by long transportation routes out-of-area fruits and vegetables take to get to your local grocery store. Your food will be fresher, taste better and the air will be cleaner.



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Watering Restrictions


Allowed watering times:
12:00 midnight to 10:00 am, or 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Allowed watering days:
Thursday & Sundays = Even numbered and no numbered addresses.
Wednesday & Saturday = Odd numbered addresses.

For more details on watering restrictions in your area, please check with your city management.


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Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Tuesday, 27 May 2014
1/19/2012 6:59 pm meeting begins

Attendees: David, Kiara, Judy (quorum)

Absent: Tim, Alex

Minutes from the November meeting were not available for review & approval.

Website - WordPress platform is agreed upon but questions are still on the table: 

What is the agreement with the current webmaster and hosting company? 
Contracts? Terms?

What will the content consist of on the new site

Who will implement and maintain the site

Vicki has previously stated she could convert the site, Kiara has offered 

Board positions are to be reviewed & exchanged. Quorum met but delayed this 
action and discussion until the entire board can be in attendance. 

David discussed the responsibilities of the treasurer position and outlined routine 

Fees - storage, site hosting, Vicki, Sanford Herald.

Mail pick up has been sporadic. Dave & Vicki have keys. Tallahassee notices, 
certified mail, are being returned. The actual topic or details contained in the 
certified mail is not known by attendees. Received from joint legislative 
committee. In the future, How will the mail be processed for the board to be 
advised in a communicative? Judy suggests received mail should be scanned and 
emailed to the appropriate board member with the other members "cc'd" for 
increased communications. Kiara and David agree, total agreement that 
communications can be improved.

Judy requested consideration that the board designate a specific day/time for 
monthly meetings. David mentioned previous criteria that supports this but no 
structured day was selected.

Judy mentioned her research of school education programs, Project WET is 
currently implemented and supported by WMD's and local purveyors are 
completing elementary programs. Creating a viable program may be a 
monumental task for a volunteer staff. It was posed that concentrating in smaller 
groups such as 4-H and other organizations may be beneficial and within our 
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