Producing glass from virgin materials requires 30 percent more energy than producing it from crushed, used glass.
The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle will operate a 100-watt light bulb for four hours.
It takes approximately 1 million years for a glass bottle to break down at the landfill.

In the News

Watering Restrictions


Allowed watering times:
12:00 midnight to 10:00 am, or 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Allowed watering days:
Thursday & Sundays = Even numbered and no numbered addresses.
Wednesday & Saturday = Odd numbered addresses.

For more details on watering restrictions in your area, please check with your city management.


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2014 08 19 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Monday, 05 January 2015


August 19, 2014

City of Longwood Chambers

Meeting called to order by Chair, Judith Benson, at 6:05 PM
Conducted Pledge of Allegiance

Roll: Board attendees - Judith Benson, Scott Sturgill, H. Alexander Duncan

         Absent - Ariel Gaussart, Randy Garrett

Approval of Agenda: Sturgill motioned for approval, Duncan 2nd the motion, all in favor.

Approval of June 2014 Meeting Minutes: Sturgill motioned, Duncan 2nd the motion, all in favor.

Volunteers, guests or interns present – Ed Young, Supervisor-Elect SSWCD Group 4, David Mahnken, Soil Scientist @ E-Sciences

David Millard was present, presented and reviewed NCRS 66 hours of work activity within Seminole County, totaling Cost assistance (DC in-kind services) $2000.46, Program Dollars $4554.00.

David Millard also presented Chair Benson with an updated agreement between NRCS and SSWCD. Benson asked when the previous agreement between these parties had been updated; Millard indicated the date may be around 1997 and requested a copy of the record which was not located in NRCS’s historical records. A copy of the agreement signed during 1988 was located by NRCS. Benson stated that the new agreement would be scanned and disbursed to all supervisors.

David Millard continued with a brief discussion pertaining to the September Farm Seminar to be held at Seminole County Extension Office on September 5, 2014. David provided a brief summary of his presentations and encouraged Supervisors to attend.

 Additional discussion ensued pertaining to reaching local farmers, ranchers and nurseries in the county with a general discussion of holding a farm seminar in February or March 2015 with NRCS and SSWCD coordinating efforts and the seminar’s agenda.

Vice Chair Report – NONE (Duncan)

Secretary’s Report – NONE (Gaussart absent)

Treasurer's Report - Sturgill presented no account activity and current balances - SSWCD $338.94, Conserve All Ways - $259.07.

Public Relations Report – NONE (Garrett absent)

Chair Report – Chair Benson reported that due to illness she was unable to attend AFCD’s annual meeting in Ocala. Meeting minutes are available to those would request them.

2015 Speech & Poster contest theme was recently announced – “Local Heroes, Your Hardworking Pollinators.” Participation would include SSWCD interacting with SCPS, providing cash prizes to winners in 5 age groups. (See “New Business” below)

Benson reminded Sturgill of the deadline for filing SSWCD information with the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO).

 Benson presented a request from Osceola SWCD for a donation to the annual Envirothon (See “New Business” below)

Benson introduced the opportunity to participate in a Chili cook-off in Longwood on November 8, 2014. (See “New Business” below)

Supervisor Reports/Comments:  No supervisor reports

New Business: Open discussion ensued – ACTION items determined

2015 Speech & Poster contest – Benson stated obtaining approval from SCPS to present the contest to students with contacts on file to email information. Mr. Young, a teacher with SCPS offered his knowledge and indicated that he would verify that this could be submitted through the Principle’s semi-monthly meeting, a more immediate manner to provide the data to the schools. Mr. Young recommended that the posters be limited to 11x17 as a maximum size for ease of handling and consistency. Young indicated that these could be collected into once central location and picked up at SCPS. Further discussion created an outline of timing of the contest – rollout to SCPS in November, collection of posters in January, judge and present during February – possibly in conjunction with SCPS Board. Benson stated that cash prizes for the speech and poster contests totaled $550 for all age categories, noting the speech contests typically were held in middle and high schools with poster contests in all 5 age groups. Open discussion included reviewing specific cash awards by other SWCD and AFCD. It was determined SSWCD would participate in the poster contest only and follow the same 5 age categories (K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12) and cash prizes of $15, $25 and $35 In each category ($375.00 total for 15 prizes). Additional funds would be necessary for 1st place winners to participate at the Area 3 contest with a donation to the Area 3 prizes typically of $50. Fundraising must be completed as $425 is necessary for this participation. A cash award donation is not required for Seminole County winners to compete at the state level, but SSWCD’s AFCD dues must be in good standing. Benson requested supervisors to assist with fundraising for this project – Sturgill and Duncan agreed to raise $100 each.
ACTION: Duncan motioned to approve, Sturgill seconded

Envirothon Donation – Benson provided a letter for review by other supervisors. Open discussion regarding the content ensued.
ACTION: Sturgill motioned to deny the donation request, Duncan seconded

Chili Cook-Off – Benson provided a flyer of the event to be held November 8th 4-6:30 pm in Longwood. Open discussion was held where David Mahnken stated that events such as this was a relaxed atmosphere where networking and public exposure was fairly high, stating good success with other entities and similar events. Supervisors discussed costs including a $25 registration fee and the cost of the chili ingredients. Benson stated that she would place a call for more information regarding the quantity of chili and other items necessary to participate. It was discussed and determined that SSWCD should enter the contest, but none of the supervisors volunteered to organize or cook.
ACTION: Sturgill motioned to participate, Duncan seconded

Benson opened the floor for additional topics as open discussion. Meeting attendance by supervisors was discussed – Benson mentioned that Garrett last attendance was at the April and May meeting, absent from June and July’s meeting was canceled due to no quorum.  Gaussart was not present at any of the meetings and previous records were not at hand, Benson recalls at least four consecutive meetings missed by Gaussart. Duncan reviewed the SWCD Handbook and passed to other supervisors and with additional discussion it was noted that Gaussart should be contacted with a request to resign. Benson stated that she would draft a letter to Supervisor Gaussart, in order to prevent additional delay the signatures of all supervisors would not be required.

No further discussion was held.

Next meeting: September 16 @ 6 PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM

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