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Watering Restrictions


Allowed watering times:
12:00 midnight to 10:00 am, or 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Allowed watering days:
Thursday & Sundays = Even numbered and no numbered addresses.
Wednesday & Saturday = Odd numbered addresses.

For more details on watering restrictions in your area, please check with your city management.


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2015 04 16 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Seminole County Soil and Water Conservation District


April 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes


·       Call to Order: 6:12pm.


·       Pledge of Allegiance


·       Roll Call – Judith Benson, Geoff Kendrick, H. Alexander Duncan present, Edmund Young, Justin York absent


·       Chair Benson welcomed visitors, Reverend Duncan of the Great Honor House ( Rev. Duncan stated that this organization has been active for 10 successful years, providing change for family life – one at a time.


·       Unable to approve the April 2015 meeting agenda by Board (York – absent, did not provide)

·       Unable to approve the March 2015 minutes, (York – absent, did not provide)

Chair Report

·       Board members discussed the upcoming May 2nd Earthfest activities at the City of Casselberry, discussion ensued regarding 2 outdoor presentations that were to be completed by SSWCD. Due to the absence of 2 board members this will be drafted and submitted via email. Kendrick to inquire regarding Massey donation as corporate sponsor. Eden books to be given away to interested parties.


·       New request from MIL provider briefly discussed. Chair Benson mentioned CFWI has an Ag module which may have prompted this request. Additional information to be provided by Chair Benson at May meeting.

Vice Chair Report

·       Vice Chair Kendrick mentioned TV media pertinent to Amendment 1 was very active. No reported activity by Legislature on Bills 166 and 169; potential black-out period by fertilizer ordinance is still under discussion. Supervisor Kendrick mentioned his preference for Amendment 1 funds would be to utilize to clean Lake Jesup.


Public Relations Report

·       Supervisor H. Alexander Duncan wants to petition for money for SSWCD from Amendment 1 funds and wants to identify ten items to requests money/funds.

Old Business


·       January meeting minutes have not been finalized and submitted for Board approval, must be made a priority.


New Business


·       Chair Benson mentioned that she is having difficulty in attending DRC meetings on a weekly basis due to her schedule this time of year.

·       Chair Benson requested any additional new business items – none presented by supervisors. Rev. Duncan stated concern that the drainage swales in the eastern side of the county are not being maintained well and trash is present in many. A brief discussion ensued – preliminary thoughts pertinent to a roadway clean up.

·       Next meeting date – May 19th


No additional business to discuss, meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM 
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