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2015 05 19 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Justin York   
Tuesday, 13 October 2015


May 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes


·                    Call to Order: 6:10pm


·                    Pledge of Allegiance


·                    Roll Call

o        All Supervisors present.


·                    Citizen Participation

o        Jim Leggett and Don Menzel spoke regarding their interest in the SWWCD.


·                    National Resource Conservation Service Report

o        Review of NRCS Work Activity in Seminole County for March/April 2015

o        Discussion of June 2015 workshop for future SSWCD projects; unanimous Board assent.


·                    Chair’s Report

o        Chair detailed her attendance at DRC Meeting; discussed Board attendance at CALNO meetings; her attendance at an AFCD Area 3 Meeting (no quorum).

o        Approved new logo with unanimous board agreement.


·                    Vice Chair’s Report

o        Discussion of best management practices of water resources in Florida compared to California.


·                    Secretary’s Report

o        Motion by York to approve April 2015 meeting minutes; Motion seconded by Kendrick; Motion approved unanimously.

o        Unanimous approval to table approval of January 2015 meeting minutes pending inclusion of written notes of Supervisor Duncan into updated minutes.

o        Secretary reiterated multiple ideas for future SSWCD initiatives, including: seeking grant funds for public opinions survey on new fertilizer regulations; a suburban forestry initiative; an effort to recycle buildings; countywide Tree City USA certification; member convention attendance; and a new logo.

o        Secretary agreed to request new logo vendor lower his price to $25.


·                    Treasurer’s Report

o        Discussion of current SSWCD finances.

o        Discussion of Family Movie Night project


·                    Public Relations Report

o        Supervisor Duncan explained his intent to contact SERV and emphasized the Board’s need to seek Amendment 1 funding.

o        Discussed attendance at DRC meeting and also CALNO attendance.

o        Requested discussions of redevelopment are done with respect to residents of low income areas.


·                    Old Business

o        None


·                    New Business

o        None


·                    Adjournment: 8:43pm


·        Minutes prepared and approved by Secretary Justin York.






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