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2015 07 14 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Justin York   
Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District


July 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

·        Call to Order: 6:05pm

·        Pledge of Allegiance

·        Roll Call:

o   Supervisors Kendrick, Young, York, Duncan (arrived 6:10pm) are present.

o   Supervisor Benson is absent.

·        Citizen Participation

o   Donald Menzel discussed website enhancements.

o   David Mankhan present.

o   Ed Ghiglieri present.

·        National Resource Conservation Service Report

o   No report.

·        Chair’s Report

o   No report.

·        Vice Chair’s Report

o   Discussed approval of suggestions from recent workshop.

·        Secretary’s Report

o   Unanimous approval of January 2015 meeting minutes with edits and approval from Supervisor Duncan.

§  Motion by York; second by Duncan.

o   Unanimous approval of June 2015 meeting minutes.

§  Motion by York; second by Duncan.

o   Discussion of ongoing Tree Cities USA certification efforts for Lake Mary and Oviedo.

o   Discussion of “Tree County” certification for Seminole County.

·        Treasurer’s Report

o   Discussion of SSWCD and Conserve All Ways finances.

o   Unanimous approval of motion to approve expenditure of $50 to Hedrick LLC for new logos for SSWCD and Conserve All Ways.

§  Motion by York; second by Young.

·        Public Relations Report

o   No report

·        Old Business

o   None

·        New Business

o   Discussion of “Thank You” plaque to City of Longwood for allowing use of chambers for Board meetings

o   Discussion by Supervisor Duncan of expanding SSWCD advocacy into SCPS, including designatd Seminole Soil and Water Day.

o   Discussion of obtaining additional office space from City of Longwood.

·        Adjournment: 6:54pm.

Minutes prepared by Secretary Justin K. York.



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