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2015 10 13 Request for Justin York Resignation PDF Print E-mail
Written by sswcd   
Sunday, 22 November 2015

Oct 13, 2015 Request for Justin York Resignation

 October 13, 2015

Justin York

645 Regina Lane

Lake Mary FL 32746

RE: Request for Resignation

Mr. York,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this request to ask you to resign from your position as Seminole

County Soil &Water Conservation District's Group 3 Supervisor and Secretary of the board of


After much consideration and due process, this request is being submitted to your charge due to the

consistent Neglect of Duty during your term which began January 2015.

Most prominent indications of this are the cionstant problems with SSWCD's documentation, which is

required by Florida Sunshine laws and highly scrutinized and utilized by the public outside of our

meetings. To date, these documents have not been submitted, organized or published following the

parameters provided in the Supervisor's Handbook and as published previously on the board's website, Due to this our board is out of compliance with Sunshine Laws for an extreme

period of time. Continued requests by the Chair of SSWCD for compliance and have received little to no

response and the lack of action has interrupted forward progress and wasted considerable time of the

other supervisors.

Further, additional directives to be completed as Secretary of the board are being completed by others.

Namely, retrieval of USPS mail on a weekly basis. To my knowledge and records, I have yet to receive

mailed items from you as the seated Secretary of our board. This task has been completed primarily by

Mr. Young and at times by me.

Additionally, the sole project that you began, updating a.nd creating logos for SSWCD and Conserve All

Ways is still on-going and incomplete. You provided the superVisors with choices of logos for SSWCD in

April 2015. As of this writing we. have not rece.ived closure and rights to this item which was selected by

supervisors in April 2015. All that is required for the SSWCD logo is a valid invoice, which I have

requested on two occasions over several months. The board has not received permission to make use of

the chosen logo, but you have included this routinely in documentation for several months.

As you consider my request for resignation I am also including excerpts from the Seminole Soil & Water

Conservation District's By-laws and Supervisor's Handbook which pertain to the position of Secretary

and the duties that you vowed to complete.

Excerpts from SSWCD's By-Laws:

...agrees to commit at least 10 hours a month to Board activities.

Duties - Secretary

1. Notify the Board members of each meeting.

2. Provide the Chairperson with a list of business items to be placed on the agenda.

3. To keep or cause to be kept an accurate set of minutes of each meeting.

a. The minutes should include the following information:

i. Type of meeting (regular, annual, or special)

ii. Name of presiding officer, date, hour and place

iii. Attendance (supervisors, agency representatives, guests). Supervisors not in

attendance should also be listed.

iv. Official business. Remember - Official business cannot be transacted without

a quorum. At least three supervisors constitute a quorum.

v. Reports made at meetings. (Reports may be summarized - ask agency

representatives and committees to provide written reports when necessary).

vi. All motions, indicating the person making the motion, seconding the motion,

and the action that was taken on the motion. (A motion that was withdrawn

should not be recorded).

4. Keep the Office of Agricultural Water Policy and the local Supervisor of Elections informed

concerning board membership by furnishing copies of all letters of appointment and

resignation, as well as names of district officers and address changes in coordination with the

Executive Director.

5. Record each motion in full and read same before action is taken.

6. Insist that action be completed on each item of business to ensure that a record is be made of

all business conducted.

7. Keep a record of all committees, both standing and special. Notify committee members of

their appointment if they were not present when the appointment was made in coordination

with the Executive Director.

8. Initiate correspondence on behalf of the board as the need arises in coordination with the

Executive Director.

9. Other duties - duties as approved by the Board and accepted by the Secretary.

Excerpt From Supervisor's Handbook:

Resignations/Removal from Office

Supervisors who are not able to regularly attend board meetings are encouraged to resign so a

replacement can be appointed and the required quorum is met.

A supervisor can resign his or her office by sending a letter of resignation (addressed to the Governor of

the State of Florida) to the chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Soil and Water Conservation

District. Send copies of the letter to the local Supervisor of Elections and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Office of Agricultural Water Policy. The date on the letter is the

effective resignation date. A form found in the appendix of this handbook should be filled out and

mailed to the listed addresses.

As Seminole Soil & Water Conservation District continues to operate in the public's view and within the

County, we are in need of full participation by all supervisors in order to be successful in obtaining our

goals and objectives as elected officials of Seminole County.

I appreciate your consideration and effort in correcting this situation and look forward to receiving your written response and resignation.


Judith C. Benson


AFCD Deputy Vice President Sub-Area 3A

Cc: Supervisors - Geoff Kendrick, Edmund Young, H. Alexander Duncan


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