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2015 08 18 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Justin K. York   
Monday, 14 December 2015

Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District


August 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes



  • Call to Order: 6:06pm.


  • Pledge of Allegiance


  • Roll Call – Geoff Kendrick – present, H. Alexander Duncan – present, Edmund Young – present, Judith Benson – absent, Justin York – absent for meeting; present at workshop


  • Vice Chair Kendrick welcomed visitors – Joseph Dion, Sharon Lynn, Troy Stull, and Cynthia Ellenburg – Orange County SWCD. All visitors asked to introduce themselves and welcomed to share their thoughts with the District.


  • Vice Chair Kendrick welcomed special guest: A. Bryant Applegate – Seminole County Attorney. Mr. Applegate will hold a workshop highlighting Sunshine Laws immediately following today’s meeting.


  • Unable to approve July 2015 Minutes


Vice Chair Report – No Report


Treasurer Report

  • Acct Balance: Conserve Always: $518.80

SSWCD: $104.94


  • Mr. Young discussed petitions for 2016 Solar Amendment ballot initiative –    amendment to reduce fees (punitive fees as described by Young) for citizens choosing to live off-the-grid. Petitions needed: approx 700,000.


Secretary Report

·        No Report.


Public Relations Report


  • Mr. Duncan requests that the District provide digital access to our Meeting Minutes (in order)


  • Mr. Duncan also states that he will collect more information in the DRC in the near future – DRC operations, guidelines, etc…


Old Business


·        Tabled for next meeting because of Supervisor absences.


New Business


·        Sunshine Law Workshop immediately following tonight’s meeting.


·        Next meeting date – September 15th 2015


No additional business to discuss, meeting adjourned at 6:25pm


Florida’s Government in Sunshine and Public Records Laws Ethics


·        Bryant Applegate, County Attorney for Seminole County, provided the Board with a presentation on Florida’s Government in the Sunshine and Public Records Laws Ethics.


Meeting Minutes prepared by Vice Chairman Geoff Kendrick.

Workshop Minutes prepared by Secretary Justin K. York. 

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