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2015 10 13 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Justin York   
Monday, 14 December 2015


October 13, 2015 Meeting


·        Call to Order: 6:20pm

·        Pledge of Allegiance

·        Roll Call – Determination of a Quorum: Benson; Young; York; Duncan (present) – Kendrick (absent)

·        Approval of SSWCD Minutes

o   Motion for Approval of July 2015 Meeting Minutes by Young; seconded by Duncan. Minutes approved unanimously.

o   Motion for Approval of August 2015 Meeting Minutes by Duncan; seconded by Young. Minutes approved by all present.

§  Board discussion regarding attaching Minutes for August 2015 Workshop and Power Point presentation by Bryant Applegate, Esq. Workshop Minutes to be reconsidered in addition to August 2015 Minutes at November 2015 Meeting.


·        Citizen Participation

o   The following citizens were present and accounted for: Joseph Dionne; Donald Menzel; David Leavitt; and David Manhken


o   Remarks from Donald Menzel requesting that Minutes be posted on the ConserveSeminole website as well as Agendas. Board discussion ensued regarding reasons Minutes and Agendas not posted on website.


·        National Resource Conservation Service Report

·        Chair’s Report

o   Mr. Manhken discussed his background and interest in raising awareness in the community of soil issues; brownfield; county redevelopment and community development. Duncan mentioned his concern with urban soils.

o   Motion by Duncan to approve David Mankhen as an Associate Supervisor of the SSWCD; seconded by Young. Motion vote: all present, “Yay”

o   Benson assisted York with publishing approved Minutes from April 2015 to July 2015 on the website.

o   A lengthy discussion ensued between York and Benson. Benson cited concerns with non-receipt of minutes prior to Meetings and due to the lack of detail in minutes. York argued approved Minutes were posted; and that the Board had complied with the Sunshine Law. At approximately 7:50pm a break was taken to allow York to review Supervisor Handbook and Bylaws. Meeting resumed at approximately 8:07pm. Benson then moved to transfer responsibilities for Agendas and Minutes to Mankhen. Discussion by Board ensued: Duncan and Young wanted to insure Sunshine compliance. Motion by Young to approve transfer; seconded by Duncan. Motion vote: Benson; Duncan; Young (yay); York (nay); Kendrick (absent)

o   Report of 11/04/15 CALNO meeting; Benson generated correspondence requesting SSWCD be allowed to join CALNO.

o   Discussion of 2016 Poster Contest with the theme of “We All Need Trees.”

o   Discussion of advertisement in the Milwee Middle School yearbook.

§  Motion to approve expenditure for advertisement by York; seconded by Duncan; Young abstained; Motion vote: Duncan, Benson and York, “Yay.”


·        Vice Chair’s Report

o   No report.

·        Secretary’s Report

o   Seminole County and municipalities are restricted from further “greening” their Building Codes due to state law.

o   Discussion of confirmation that Oviedo and Lake Mary are Tree Cities; therefore every city in the County is a Tree City.

o   Discussion of Seminole Soil and Water Day meeting upcoming with SCPS Superintendent. York will report at next meeting.


·        Treasurer’s Report

§  Receipt of $100 donation from Clearwater Services, Inc.

§  Motion by Young to make sure a copy of “From Eden to Sahara” is donated to

·        Altamonte Springs Library

·        All accredited 4-year colleges (public and private) within Florida

·        All public high schools in Seminole County

·        That SSWCD hold 20 copies as “archival copies”

·        That Young may create an account and from that account sell copies of this book and that funds be used as donations to SSWCD

§  Motion seconded by Duncan; all present, “Yay.”


·        Public Relations Report

o   Discussion of Seminole County Serv Program and that said Program has wrongfully usurped responsibilities of the SSWCD. Discussion of the ability of Serv to request funding through public works; and that SSWCD should be similarly authorized to do the same.

o   Discussion of pending Chapter 582 revisions.

o   Statement of record that SSWCD requested Amendment 1 funding but did not receive it. Menzel then asked how did prior Board get funding; Benson stated that funding came from Seminole County.


·        Other Business

o   None

·        Adjournment: 9:23pm

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