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Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Tuesday, 02 February 2016

SSWCD Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


·       Call to Order: 6:05 pm

·       Pledge of Allegiance

·       Roll Call – Present:  Kendrick, Duncan, York, Young, Benson

·       Motion for Approval of Agenda by Duncan; seconded by York. Agenda approved unanimously

·       Approval of SSWCD Minutes

·       Meeting minutes from August were reviewed and revised as necessary

·       Motion for Approval of August meeting minutes by Duncan; seconded by Young. Motion passes.

·       Meeting minutes from September were reviewed and revised as necessary

·       Motion for Approval of September meeting minutes by York; seconded by Young. Motion passes.

·       Meeting minutes from October were reviewed and revised as necessary

·       Motion for Approval of October meeting minutes by York; seconded by Young. Motion passes.

·       Citizen Participation

·       Donald Menzel inquired about the possibility of digitizing existing hardcopy documents to post on online.  Mr. Menzel also stated that he would commit time to help get SSWCD documents digitized

·       Supervisor Benson stated this would be a great undertaking, documents are very old; and would need to resurrect old statutes.  The SSWCD webmaster would need to determine if space is available

·       Supervisor York stated that the UCF Riches program could assist or perhaps are already doing something similar; they may be able to provide some expertise; they would probably provide resources; might not be a fee;

·       Mr. Menzel stated he would like to see this on the agenda for the next meeting and would work with Supervisor York to move this forward….as a volunteer he would begin some research.

·       Natural Resource Conservation Service Report

·       David Millard, NRCS handed out monthly report including documentation of work done towards developing the updated 5 Year Plan

·       Mr. Millard discussed Five Year Plan goals and objectives; He stated that the goals are very ambitious and that the next steps will focus on continuing to identifying objectives and begin to develop action items.  Specifically to identify what, who, and when things get done.  This can be planned for the December meeting and it will be important for all supervisors to attend.

·       Supervisor Benson suggested a regular meeting with a light agenda to make time to continue to develop plan and action items

·       Mr. Millard stated we will be developing objectives for remaining goals but we will need to develop action items for Goal 1 objectives.

·       Mr. Millard then introduced Walter Albarran, NRCS Area 3 Conservationist.  Mr. Albarran discussed his role, geographical area of responsibility and status of services provided.  Mr. Alveran stated that within Florida’s total of 4 Conservation Areas there are 482 contracts with $12.7 million in funding.  Last year in Area 3 there were 38 contacts for $1.8 million, a decrease from previous years. They would like to continue to encourage identification of areas that are under served and ensure people know about their assistance programs.

·       Supervisor Reports

Secretary’s Report (Supervisor York):

·       Supervisor York read from a document describing his findings regarding agendas, determined that we are in compliance with sunshine law. Regarding meeting minutes Supervisor York identified that minutes must be recorded in a timely fashion for public inspection; brief minutes are acceptable.  Supervisor York suggested the Board should record audio of meetings as our minutes, could also considered video streaming and video recording

·       Supervisor York made a motion to resume audio recording.


·       Mr. Millard mentioned that in the past a paid “employee” took minutes

·       Public Question: Is audio going to be online? Response: Yes

·       Supervisor Benson noted that the Board has become very formal and doesn’t recall a delay in previous agenda/minutes preparation.

·       Supervisor Duncan:  Are we saying we are just going to do audio recording but not a specific method at this time?

·       Supervisor York: Correct, we can decide specific media

·       Supervisor Duncan stated he would prefer to move this issue to next month

·       Mr. Millard stated that when Boards did recordings it was valuable because there was a need sometimes to playback records…Mr. Mallard stated he will need to have copies of minutes; NRCS needs to retain those minutes in order to effectively demonstrate their involvement.

Motion on floor and second by Kendrick…motion passes

Supervisor York continued Secretary’s Report:

·       Supervisor York read a document regarding bylaws and statutes governing SSWCD

Supervisor York made a motion to retain his duty to record minutes and prepare agendas


·       Supervisor Kendrick stated that we should be caution in making decisions the board doesn’t have the power to do; and should reconsider if the decisions we are making are in keeping with our duties to the public.

·       Supervisor Benson recounted the need for a change to be made due to previous problems related to minutes/agendas

Supervisor Kendrick seconded motion

Supervisor Duncan abstained from voting

Motion did not pass

Supervisor York continued Secretary’s Report:

·       Supervisor York addressed ongoing work associated with efforts to develop a fertilizer ordinance. 

·       Supervisor Benson asked for Supervisor York to bring copies of the existing fertilizer ordinances for discussion

·       Supervisor York mentioned that through the Tree City USA program every City in the County is designated a Tree City USA and will investigate if there is a “Tree County USA”

·       Supervisor York also discussed the possibility of a Soil and Water day where certain Supervisors or volunteers could do educational presentations to schools regarding soil and water science

Treasurers Report (Supervisor Young)

·       Supervisor Young distributed bank statements and discussed balances and transactions as follows:

o   SSWCD Balance - $151.39

o   Conserv Always Balance - $948.80

·       Supervisor Young discussed the status of Milwee Middle School’s Yearbook

Supervisor Young made a motion that he would pay for [?] and be reimbursed by the Board. 

Motion seconded and passed

·       Supervisor Young gave a brief update on the Floridian’s Solar Choice program

·       Supervisor Young discussed visit with another soil and water board and marketing materials provided to public and schools

Public Relations Report (Supervisor Duncan)

·       Supervisor Duncan attended Seminole County Development Review Committee meeting on November 12 and briefly discussed upcoming projects, Lucas Landing and Lutheran Haven, being reviewed during the meeting

Vice Chair Report (Supervisor Kendrick)

·       Supervisor Kendrick discussed a letter dated 10/29/2015 that he had received from a constituent; Supervisor Kendrick provided the letter to be entered into the record.

Chair Report (Supervisor Benson)

·       Supervisor Benson informed the Board she has been accepted as a member of Seminole County Council of Local Governments (CALNO).  Monthly meetings are hosted by member with a commitment to provide food

·       AFCD Dues – Normally $350 annually.  SSWCD submitted for hardship dues of $50

·       Supervisor Benson discussed 2016 poster contest.  Deadline: December 4th.  Funding:  still working on getting sponsors (2 per supervisor)

·       Mr. Menzel asked about business and corporate sponsors and what they would get for participating; Supervisor Benson stated that sponsors would get a Certificate of Appreciation and mention on website

·       Supervisor Benson discussed a plaque for the City of Longwood in gratitude for use of the Council Chambers and recommended a budget of $75 or less and present the plaque at the Longwood Chamber meeting in January.

·       Supervisor Benson asked if Supervisor York would be tendering his resignation in response to a letter from Supervisor Benson. 

·       Supervisor York replied that he will not

·       Supervisor Benson asked that we the Board stop using the new SSWCD Conserv Seminole logos that is currently a draft version.

·       Adjourned 8:24pm

·       Happy Thanksgiving 

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