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Allowed watering times:
12:00 midnight to 10:00 am, or 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Allowed watering days:
Thursday & Sundays = Even numbered and no numbered addresses.
Wednesday & Saturday = Odd numbered addresses.

For more details on watering restrictions in your area, please check with your city management.


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Written by David Mahnken   
Thursday, 07 April 2016

SSWCD Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 12, 2015

• Call to Order: 6:04 pm
• Pledge of Allegiance
• Roll Call – Present:  Kendrick, Duncan, York, Young, Benson
• Motion for Approval of Agenda by Duncan; seconded by Young. Agenda approved unanimously
• Annual Election of Officers
• Chair Nominations
Benson nominated by Young Kendrick nominated by York

 Young - Benson
 Kendrick - Kendrick 
 Benson - Benson
 York – Kendrick
 HA – Benson

Benson elected to continue to serve as Chair

• Vice Chair Nominations

Duncan nominates Duncan

York nominates Kendrick

Benson nominates Young

 Young – Young
 Kendrick – Kendrick
 Benson – Young
 York – Kendrick
 Duncan – Duncan

Vote is tied

Duncan moves to remove his nomination

Young seconded, all in favor; Duncan is no longer nominated for Vice Chair

New Vote:
 Young – Young
 Kendrick – Kendrick
 Benson – Young
 York – Kendrick
 Duncan – Kendrick

Kendrick elected to continue to serve as Vice Chair

• Treasurer Nominations

Kendrick nominates Young

York nominates Young

 All vote in favor of Young

Young continues to serve as Treasurer

• Secretary Nominations

York nominates Duncan

Duncan declines nomination

York stated he would accept a nomination if duty of minutes went back to Secretary

Duncan stated he would accept a nomination if duty of minutes remained with Associate Mahnken

Benson stated that the duty of minutes would remain with Mahnken

Duncan accepts nomination

 All vote in favor of Duncan

Duncan elected to serve as Secretary

• Public Relations Nominations

York nominates York

 All vote in favor of York

York elected to serve as Treasurer

• Citizen Participation
• Donald Menzel stated that the Board is headed in the right direction and commended the Board on the recent UCF RICHES Program workshop
• Katrina Shadix expressed her interest in becoming more involved with the SSWCD as a citizen.  Ms. Shadiz also stated that she is working with the Chuck O’Neal campaign for Florida House District 29.  Ms. Shadix also expressed concern over the issue of fracking.
• Approval of SSWCD Minutes
• The Board reviewed the November draft minutes and requested several revisions.
• York moved to approve revised minutes, Second by Young
• All voted in favor of approval of revised November minutes
• The Board reviewed the December draft minutes and requested several revisions.
• York moved to approve revised minutes, Second by Kendrick
• All voted in favor of approval of revised December minutes
• National Resource Conservation Service Report
• David Millard, NRCS stated there was no written report this month.
• Mr. Millard discussed continuing with Five Year Plan workshop and suggested the next workshop be held in February.
• Benson stated that the upcoming poster award presentation may be in conflict and recommended March; Mr. Millard agreed.
• Discussion continued regarding the plan development

• Supervisor Reports
Chair Report (Supervisor Benson)
• Supervisor Benson continued discussions regarding the upcoming poster contest.  Benson stated that the poster judging will be held on Monday, January 25th from 9 to 10 at the Extension Office Auditorium.
• Supervisor Benson stated that the judges will be David Millard, Donald Menzel and Amy Lockhart.
• Supervisor Duncan volunteered to participate as a judge
• Supervisor Benson stated that sponsor certificates have been printed and will prepare a letter of appreciation for sponsors following the event.
• Supervisor Benson discussed the options for award presentation to either at the individual schools, invite winners to an upcoming Board meeting, or just mail awards.
• Supervisor Benson and discussed having the presentation at the next board meeting.
• Supervisor Young made a motion to purchase additional ribbons for the participants; Duncan seconded; all voted in favor of purchasing additional ribbons.
• Supervisor Benson continued her report discussing the possibility of surveying the public as well as city and county officials to help develop ideas about how the Board can generate more public involvement
• Supervisor Benson mentioned that the Board hasn’t participated in the Seminole County Fair typically held March-April at the Seminole Towne Center.  No date has been announced yet regarding Seminole County Fair.  The Board discussion proceeded regarding the logistics of the Board attending and the commitment that would be necessary to attend a local annual fair.  Consideration was given to putting a display together to attend the Central Florida Fair.
• Duncan made a motion to continue to research preparation to attend Central Florida Fair, funding & budget requirements, and to communicate this through email due to short time frame for preparation.
• Discussion continued regarding how the communication between individual Board members relates to the Sunshine Law.  York stated that as long as what is being discussed is something that doesn’t require a vote and is common knowledge the motion wouldn’t violate Sunshine Law
• Board discussed costs and agreed that a budget of $225 would be sufficient
• Motion was withdrawn by Duncan
• Duncan made a new motion to proceed with planning and spend up to $225 of Conserv Always funds and will discuss over email regarding logistics and pricing to attend Central Florida Fair.  Seconded by Young; motion passed unanimously.
• Donald Menzel inquired about logos.  Benson mentioned the Conserv Always logo has been drafted and the new SSWCD logo has been approved.

Vice Chair Report (Supervisor Kendrick):
• Supervisor Kendrick mentioned that today was a great day for the State as a positive State of the State address was delivered by the Govenor and mentioned the upcoming Presidential State of the Union Address following the meeting tonight.

Treasurers Report (Supervisor Young)
• Supervisor Young stated that the SSWCD balance is $111.44 and that the Conserv Always reported balance needed to be updated to reflect a recent transaction resulting in a corrected balance of $1028.64
• Supervisor Young mentioned that the book advertisement on the web had over 4000 hits and that several thousand visited Amazon.com to view the book
• Supervisor Benson asked that the ad be revised to state that the fees will go to a non-profit organization.
• Supervisor Young continued his report discussing the recent issue with an erroneous Sams Club account in the name of SSWCD.  Young stated he hasn’t found any new information but that someone related to Linda Jacobs, a former Board member had tried to reactivate the account.
• Supervisor Young concluded his report discussing the Solar amendment:  it appears that reaching final petition numbers will likely be short but enough to carry over to next election year.  Will know by next meeting if number of confirmed ballots will be met.  Might be suspended into 2017.

Public Relations Report (Supervisor York)
• Commended Mr. Mahnken for work on minutes.
• Supervisor York mentioned he has met with Walt Griffin and Karen Almond SCPS about Soil and Water Days.  Would set aside a day for teachers, supervisor or volunteer to attend 3rd 8th, 10th or 11th grades
• Supervisor York mentioned he is continuing to research fertilizer ordinances and is working on setting a meeting with Commissioner Constantine.
• Supervisor York also mentioned that he is working towards instituting digital audio recordings of Board meetings.  Michelle Longo with the City of Longwood will be assisting the Board with instruction on using Chamber equipment.

Secretary’s Report (Supervisor Duncan):
• Supervisor Duncan discussed actions and processes involved in the Development Review Committee (DRC); and stated he prefers not to attend the DRC meetings any more
• The Board discussed who is and has been attending DRC meetings.  Supervisor Benson prefers if the Board has consistent representation at those meetings.  Supervisor Benson mentioned the seat at DRC allows for Board members to comment provided there is no conflict of interest. 
• Mr. Donald Menzel asked if Supervisor Kendrick could have competitors present with projects under review
• Supervisor Benson inquired regarding Supervisor Kendrick’s area of business.  Supervisor Kendrick commented that he is involved in the commercial real estate brokering business and believes there is no conflict because they are a brokerage and don’t develop property.  Supervisor Kendrick’s employer is Marcus and Millicheck. 
• Supervisor Benson mentioned that although there is no vote, SSWCD does have say and ability to ask questions and comment.  Supervisor Benson suggested Kendrick and Supervisor Duncan continue to attend.
• Supervisor Duncan stated that he will attend if needed when Supervisor Kendrick is not available.
• Old Business
• RICHES information was distributed and will be scanned to include in minutes.  Supervisor Benson gave thanks to Donald Menzel for arranging.
• The Board will address digitizing records at the next meeting to get consensus from Board.  Supervisor Benson asked Mr. Menzel if he could ask for a guest login for the RICHES site.
• New Business
• Supervisor Young will be talking with Extension Office and is looking for co-sponsor on rain barrel event.  He will report back on next meeting with what they need.  World Water Day is March 22nd…they would like to do something the Saturday prior.
• Other Business – Next Meeting is February 9th at 6 pm.
• Adjourned 8:41 pm


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