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12:00 midnight to 10:00 am, or 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Allowed watering days:
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2016 02 09 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by JUDITH BENSON   
Wednesday, 04 May 2016


February 9, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Chair Benson at 6:12 PM.

Supervisor roll call – Ed Young, Judith Benson, Justin York and H. Alexander Duncan. Absent – Geoff Kendrick and David Mahnken, Associate Supervisor

Motion to approve February agenda placed by H. A. Duncan, 2nd by Ed Young.

Awards presentation commences for 2016 poster contest, $300 in prizes awarded to four of five grade categories, four campus’ participated from Seminole County public and private schools.

No guests or volunteers present

January minutes were not available for approval. Ed Young inquired about David Mahnken, Benson stated he responded to a message stating he had a schedule conflict.

David Millard of NRCS was unable to attend the meeting.

Chair’s Report – Storage space at Seminole County, decision is pending. SJRWMD’s cost share program where Benson contacted each of the cities within the Wekiva Watershed Basin – Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Sanford, Lake Mary and Casselberry (Oviedo is not within this boundary) – plus contacting SCPS to inquire of their interest and participation in submitting an “easier” application for a portion of the $4 million dollars available for water conservation in this geographical area. Benson updated her participation in CALNO (Council of Local Governments in Seminole County) and the need to place a request for voting priviledges. Next meeting is March 2 in Lake Mary. Seminole County BOCC voted unanimously to ban fracking in Seminole County at their meeting held earlier today with an exceptional piece of legislation. Also spoke with BOCC briefly during public comments regarding Backyard Urban Chickens. League of Women’s Voters invitation to participate in LWV’s Wine & Cheese event March 29th at the Longwood Community Center – guest speaker Scott Maxwell, Columnist. Discussion ensued by Duncan asking if we could revisit the fracking ban at SSWCD, Young included that the bills we discussed earlier in the year are dead. York indicated that he would like to revisit this discussion. Current legislation being discussed in Tallahassee is SB 318, Benson had discussed this issue with some of the Seminole Commissioners during the past year prior to the current bill and indicated that there was limited concern of fracking in Seminole. With SB 318 that may overrule home rule in the current language, Seminole BOCC drafted their fracking ban ordinance. Duncan again inquired if we could revisit it, 2nd by York. Chair Benson suggested that this be brought to another meeting due to time restrictions and the early departure of Duncan. All agreed to revisit at an upcoming meeting if submitted.

Vice Chair Report – None, Kendrick absent


Treasurer’s Report – Ed Young provided copies of the current financial reports for SSWCD ($111.44) and Conserve All Ways ($589.09) which also includes the expenses for the poster contest awards. Young indicated concerns that the bank has not provided statements for SSWCD for several months even with some activity in the account. Young plans to physically meet at the Sanford branch to formally request statements to be mailed, Benson inquired if the bank could provide digital versions of the statements. Young indicated that he also must request a replacement endorsement stamp as the current stamp does not include our account number. These requests to the financial institution will be completed at the same time.

Secretary’s Report – Duncan will be attending DRC in the morning and stated he had not spoken with Geoff Kendrick regarding his attendance. Duncan asked York about the copy of the recording of our meeting. He also asked Benson if he should provide her with the notes he has taken at this point of the meeting as he leaves for another appointment. A brief discussion of who will record the minutes moving forward ensued with Benson acknowledged as the one to finalize and compile the meeting’s minutes.

A brief discussion regarding Central Florida Fair attendance began, prior to Duncan’s departure. Benson inquired which supervisors would be available and interested in manning the SSWCD booth during the 3-week event. Duncan stated he would be able to attend on weekends, Young indicated he will be available as will David Mahnken. Due to Duncan’s need to leave it was determined that the final list of participants and schedule would be determined via email corrospondence.

Public Relations – York stated he believes it would be a good idea to revisit the fracking issue and supports the county in their decision to ban fracking in the county and is concerned about SB 191 when it comes to fracking in their locality. York stated it would be good public relations for us to complete this and also that SB 191 allows for additionally studies, potentially $1 million to study fracking in Florida primarily in South and Southwest Florida. York further stated he felt we should pen a letter or present the Seminole BOCC with an award for their efforts and show our support of their decision. Further mentioned was the model fertilizer ordinance which can be discussed at a future meeting. Young inquired whether the fertlizer ordinance was for county or city. York stated it would be for the county. York provided a copy of the fertilizer ordinance, it was noted by Benson that the fertilizer ordinance was the recommended draft ordinance produced by FDEP. York stated that he does not have a copy of proposed ordinance or language specifically created by Seminole County at this time but would produce one as soon as it was available.

Associate Supervisor Report(s) – None, David Mahnken not in attendance.

Old Business – Central Florida Fair, Benson extended a direct invitation and hope that Supervisor York would provide his assistance in being present at SSWCD’s booth during this event. It has been recommended that we man the booth every other day at minimum. Young indicated that Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday day are the highest capacity for fair attendees. York asked about having copies of “From Eden to Sahara” be available. Young requested that we offer special pricing of $5 during


the event. Young placed a motion, 2nd by York. Unanimously passed, books will be sold only during times that we have someone present at the booth. Young will provide books to all who are participating at the fair. Young further shared the post card sized hand out that lists SSWCD meeting dates and provides our contact information. York inquired if these were posted at local bulletin boards, Young indicated he has placed these in multiple locations – parks, offices and even StarBucks. Young showed the banner which was approved at last month’s meeting which does not meet his standards. He is seeking to have the logo graphic renovated to meet printer’s needs – the Vector image is only 150 dpi as received and needs to be at least 750 dpi.

Benson mentioned World Water Day, Tuesday March 22nd – limited time to create an activity.

Benson mentioned Casselberry Earth Day – more information is needed to finalize if we are just having booth space or if we are able to present a conservation based message to an audience. Young inquired whether we were going to have plant books available for Casselberry, Benson answered yes.

Young indicated that he has created a sign-in sheet for visitors to our meetings and can be used during the CF Fair for visitors to the booth. Benson inquired if Young would bring these sheets for each meeting, Young indicated yes.

New Business -  None

Next meeting is Tuesday March 8th, tentative speaker is Betty Jo Tompkins of Hillsborough County with a workshop conducted by David Millard of NRCS directly afterwards. Benson suggests to York to discuss fracking at another meeting, possibly April.

Chair Benson adjourns the meeting at 7:10 PM.



Minutes submitted by Judith C. Benson, Chair

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