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2016 04 12 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Mahnken   
Monday, 13 June 2016

SSWCD Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Call to Order 6:07 pm


Roll Call – Duncan, Young, York Present; Benson & Kendrick Absent

Approval of Agenda – York moved to approve agenda, Duncan seconded, all voted in favor.

Approval of March Minutes & NRCS Five Year Work Plan Memo – York moved to approve, Duncan seconded; all voted in favor.

Presentation by Jason LaTorre

Mr. LaTorre discussed elements of website that could be improved and provided quote with recommendations and adjustments.  The discussion addressed data security, backups, administrative maintenance, terms of service etc.

Mr. LaTorre addressed various questions from the Board regarding website functionality and recommendations.

Duncan moved to table the discussion until next meeting, seconded by York, all voted in favor

David Millard NRCS Report – Millard not present

Chairs Report – Chair Absent

Vice Chair Report – Vice Chair Absent

Treasurer Report – Reported balances:  SSWCD - $111.44; Conserv All Ways, Inc.- $322.10

Mr. Young discussed attendance at the AFCD Area 3 Meeting.  Young discussed some of the cost sharing and grant opportunities discussed at the meeting.  Eric Rollings, AFCD Area 3 Vice Chair presented resolution against fracking but recommended that the AFCD endorse Orange County’s resolution.

Secretary Report - Duncan reported on attendance at Seminole County DRC meeting and community assistance needed to address safety concerns at Southwest Road.  A motion was made by Duncan to contact the appropriate Seminole County staff regarding the concerns.  The motion was seconded by York.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Public Relations Report – York reported on status of local fertilizer ordinances

Associate Supervisor’s Reports

Donald Menzel discussed status of the RICHES project with UCF and interest in moving the project forward

David Mahnken discussed possible interest of the Board to hold a separate meeting to facilitate completion of the Five Year Work Plan.

Old Business – Open discussion regarding attendance at upcoming Casselberry Earthfest

New Business – Discussed attending Altamonte Earthday event.  Due to time constraints it was decided that it would be too difficult to plan on attending this year.

Announcement and Open Comments – Ed Young provided a presentation on fracking for the Board and audience and took questions

Next Meeting May 10th at 6 pm

Adjournment 8:41

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