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2016 07 12 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Mahnken   
Friday, 15 July 2016

SSWCD Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Call to Order 6:07 pm


Roll Call – Supervisors Benson, Kendrick, and Young present.  Supervisors Duncan and York absent.

Approval of Agenda – Young made motion to approve.  Kendrick seconded motion; all voted in favor

Approval of June Minutes – Kendrick made motion to approve June minutes, Young seconded motion; all voted in favor

Guest Introductions – Associate Supervisors Donald Menzel and David Mahnken present.  Guests Kris Cole, Seminole High School. Fred Marra candidate for Florida House District 29; Mr. Marra introduced himself and discussed his platform to support water quality and conservation issues.  L.A. Key introduced herself and discussed a debate being organized by herself and Longwood Deputy Mayor Ben Paris to be held sometime in early September.  Mr. Bill Hyde, citizen introduced himself along with spouse.  Mr. Tony Tizzio introduced himself.

David Millard NRCS Report - Absent

Chairs Report – No Chair report – see old and new business

Vice Chair Report – None report

Treasurer Report Reported account balances:  SSWCD - $42.80; Conserv All Ways, Inc. - $260.85

                Mr. Young discussed travels out of state while on vacation and visited several other soil and water boards.  Mr. Young also discussed his meeting with the Hardee and DeSoto Soil and Water Boards and discussed their budgets, BMPs, and availability of grant funding.  Mr. Young discussed Amendment 4 that exempts property taxes for homeowners that improve homes by installing solar system.  Mr. Young read a draft letter supporting Amendment 4 that was signed by the Board.

Secretary Report - Absent

Public Relations Report - Absent

Associate Supervisor’s Reports – No reports

Old Business

BOCC Funding Request Update (Benson) – Ms. Benson discussed submitting a request for funding to the Seminole County BOCC including funding for RICHES, operations funding and for future fund raising projects.

Five Year Plan Update – Progress & Deadlines (Benson) - Tabled

UCF RICHES Update (Menzel) – Mr. Menzel reported that many are on break and waiting for Dr. Lester to return.  Mr. Menzel discussed possibility of beginning to move forward prior to getting funding or contract in place.

Reading of Draft Water Ordinance (Young) – Mr. Young introduced his draft Seminole County Water Additive Accountability Ordinance requiring political subdivisions to set criteria for any additives claiming health benefits unrelated to the potability of the water.  The Board discussed the proposed language and the intent of the proposed ordinance.  Mr. Mahnken recommended the Board become familiar with F.A.C. 62-550 and compare the proposed ordinance with the existing content of that administrative code.  Ordinance will be addressed again at the next meeting in August.

Lake Gore Overview (Benson) – Mr. Mahnken discussed findings of research into Lake Gore, formerly Lake Kiwanis.  No water quality or quantity concerns were identified in the research and the trophic state index (TSI) indicates the lake is fairly good quality.  Mr. Mahnken suggested the Board visit the site and get a better understanding of citizen concerns.  Chair Benson agreed and mentioned the residents are reporting that diving in the lake are reporting lowered flow from the lake’s spring and buildup of sediments.

New Business - Lake Wayman Clean Up, Longwood – Chair Benson discussed her contact with a resident that has an interest in organizing a clean up opportunity on Lake Wayman, a private lake in Longwood.

Announcement and Open Comments – AFCD Annual Meeting July 29th – 30th, Ocala; Cover Crops July 15th at the FLPMC in Brooksville from 10 am to 1 pm, contact Janet @ 352-796-9600 ext 101; NRCS Technical Committee Meeting being held before November, Young will find out date and distribute.         

Next Meeting August 9, 2016 at 6 pm

Adjournment 8:28 pm

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