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Written by David Mahnken   
Tuesday, 15 November 2016

SSWCD Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Call to Order 6:56 pm


Roll Call - Judith Benson present, Ed Young present, Justin York present.  Associate Supervisors David Mahnken and Donald Menzel present.  Supervisor Kendrick absent.  Supervisor Duncan absent.

Approval of Agenda - Benson called for motion to approve agenda.  York motioned to approve agenda.  Young seconded.  All in favor.

Approval of August Minutes - Supervisor York moved to approve August minutes.  Young seconded. All in favor.

David Millard NRCS Report - Mr. Millard was unable to attend.  Supervisor Benson presented information to the other Supervisors regarding the NRCS Civil Rights Responsibilities for Partners Fact Sheet, prepared by NRCS Civil Rights Division.  The Fact Sheet was provided by David Millard through Chair Judith Benson for distribution to the other Supervisors. 

Chairs Report - Supervisor Kendrick has provided his letter of resignation. The Chair Benson mentioned there will be a need to fill vacant board positions.

Supervisor Benson discussed her involvement in locating funding for the RICHES program.  Supervisor Benson reported that various maps and other historic documents have been relocated to her residence just for safe keeping.

Supervisor Benson reported she was working an upcoming debate for Soil and Water positions on the November ballot to get it organized and that it was coming along well.

The Board discussed the fertilizer ordinance being evaluated by the Seminole County BCC with a final vote in December.

Supervisor Benson introduced Associate Supervisor David Mahnken and requested a motion to appoint David Mahnken to serve in the remaining term of the Group 2 Supervisor seat.  Supervisor York moved to appoint David Mahnken to fill the remaining term of the Group 2 Supervisor. Supervisor Young seconded motion.  All voted in favor. Mr. Mahnken accepted the appointment.

Supervisor Benson introduced Associate Supervisor Donald Menzel and requested a motion to appoint Donald Menzel to serve in the remaining term of the Group 1 Supervisor seat.  Supervisor Young moved to appoint Donald Menzel to fill the remaining term of the Group 1 Supervisor seat. Supervisor York seconded motion.  All voted in favor. Mr. Menzel accepted the appointment.

Supervisor Young moved that Mr. Mahnken serve in roll of secretary. Supervisor York seconded motion.  All voted in favor.

Supervisor Young moved that Mr. Menzel serve in roll of vice chair. Supervisor York seconded motion.  All voted in favor.

Vice Chair Report - Supervisor Menzel discussed his attendance at Seminole County BOCC budgeting workshops and information needed from the Board to present a request to the BOCC for SSWCD funding.

Supervisor Menzel also discussed his coordination with Dr. Lester with the RICHES program.

Treasurer Report - Reported account balances:  SSWCD - $42.80; Conserv All Ways, Inc.- $260.85.

Supervisor Young discussed status of the Solar Amendments and distributed a draft letter to be sent to the Floridians Solar Choice political action committee expressing the SSWCD Boards opposition to Solar Amendment No. 1.  The Board discussed minor grammatical revisions to the letter.

Supervisor Young made a motion for the SSWCD Board to approve the letter to Floridians Solar Choice as amended.  York seconded.  All voted in favor.

Secretary Report - Supervisor Mahnken discussed with the Board the idea of creating a set of standardized letter formats that could be used for various types of communications from the Board.  Supervisor Mahnken also discussed and asked for clarification on what hardcopy items brought before Board should be posted to website and retained in public record.

The Board discussed allowing time during the October 11 meeting to do a workshop to discuss bylaws and procedures.

Public Relations Report - Supervisor York discussed working with Supervisor Mahnken regarding Dividends and providing educational presentations associated with soil and water conservation issues to various classroom students.

Supervisor York discussed a draft letter prepared to be distributed to various Homeowners Associations to introduce them to the Soil and Water Board as a resource for information and support.

Old Business - Supervisor Benson distributed and discussed five year proposed budget.

Board discussed future office space availability and needed uses.

Supervisor Menzel moved to post the five year proposed budget presented by Supervisor Benson by the end of this week in order to comply with October 1st deadline.

The Board discussed the status of the five year plan and noted a need to amend the assignments due to the departure of two supervisors.

Supervisor Mahnken discussed the various objectives in the five year plan that he has been working on including coordination with Seminole County Watershed Management Division, Planning Department (re: Meeting with Commissioner Dallari and wetland regulations), Public Utilities (re: backflow prevention).

New Business - None

Next Meeting October 11, 2016 at 6 pm

Supervisor Menzel moved to adjourn the meeting; Seconded by York.  All in favor.

Adjournment 8:21 pm

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