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Written by David Mahnken   
Tuesday, 15 November 2016

SSWCD Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Call to Order 6:03 pm


Roll Call - Supervisors Benson, Young, York, Duncan present; Supervisor Kendrick absent

Associate Supervisors Menzel and Mahnken present

Guest Introductions - Gabriel Milch, LA Key, HA Duncan campaign representatives, Robin & Tom Cary, Oscar Duncan, Tony Tizzio;

Steve Edmonds introduced himself to the Board and upcoming Water issues and that he will be returning next month with a presentation

Approval of Agenda - Duncan moved to accept agenda, Young seconded. 

Approval of July Minutes - Young moved to accept minutes, York seconded.

David Millard NRCS Report - Mr. Millard discussed the Local Working Group Task Guide and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and prioritization of resource concerns.  Also, discussed how a system of outreach can be implemented for the EQIP program.

Rance Ellis - Florida Department of Agriculture, Office of Agriculture Water Policy - Discussed Agricultural BMP Programs and the role of OAWP.  Mr. Ellis also mentioned that Clegg Hooks from FDACS Tallahassee will be visiting each of the Soil and Water Districts during 2016 to provide contact and outreach support the Boards.

Chairs Report -

The Chair discussed the recent AFCD State Meeting and the Chapter 582 revisions.

The Chair also discussed the NACD grants available for Soil and Water Districts.

SSWCD Status - SSWCD moved to Area 3A last year (versus Area 3B) but it wasn't recorded in the AFCD minutes.  The Chair requested AFCD provide clarification.

FASD - Florida Association of Special Districts - The Chair discussed the various meetings they hold and discussed future participation.

2016 Special Districts Revised Requirements from Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) through FDACS - Beginning October 1, 2016, agendas and event announcements must be posted at least seven days prior to the event.  Additionally, draft budgets must be posted on the website for at least 45 days.

Public records request:  recommended that we adopt a public records request policy and procedures - Supervisor York to work on the policy and discuss during the next meeting.

Regarding the recently finalized 5 year plan, the Chair requested Supervisors to provide deadlines at the next meeting for individual objectives and identification of items to be completed by November.

The Chair discussed coordination with the BOCC regarding funding.  The Chair presented a draft budget forecast for 5 years to be presented to the BOCC in the future.

CALNO - resumes in September usually the first Wednesday of each month.  Expected to be held in Altamonte.

The Chair discussed the status of the RICHES program including the following:

Discussed availability of a large format scanner the County has that they may make available to the Board

Discussed Dr. Lester's grant opportunity - could be completed early 2017

Discussed availability of other funding opportunities.

Vice Chair Report - Vice Chair not present

Treasurer Report - Reported account balances:  SSWCD - $42.80; Conserv All Ways, Inc.- $260.85

September 10th Pollution Solution event being planned by Duval County SWCD

Supervisor Young discussed the potential for a cost share program in unincorporated Seminole County for water, sewer and stormwater improvements or upgrades.

Secretary Report - Supervisor Duncan discussed revisions to Chapter 582 and delivered his resignation effective immediately due to his candidacy for Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, District 5 election.

Public Relations Report - Supervisor York discussed his coordination with Dr. Racheal Hallett-Mjuguna, Earth Sciences, Seminole County Public Schools regarding doing presentations to several high schools and other grade levels.  Associate Supervisor Mahnken and Supervisor York will work together develop a program or presentations.

Supervisor York has researched the approximate 500 HOA's and identified the management companies that oversee the HOA's.  Supervisor York has prepared a letter to send to the management companies to identify any opportunity to provide outreach information for dissemination to community residents.  Information would include existing public information from other sources promoting best practices for irrigation, reducing use of pesticides and fertilizers, water quality and other similar topics.

Supervisor York discussed putting together a pamphlet related to landscaping for handout at public events.

Associate Supervisor's Reports - Associate Supervisor Menzel discussed his meeting with Dr. Lester regarding ways to begin the digitizing process, including using UCF interns.   Seminole County GIS has also offered use of a scanner to assist.

Associate Supervisor Mahnken expressed interest in assisting Supervisor York with SCPS presentation effort.

Old Business - Supervisor Young discussed status of second reading of Clean Water Bill.  Supervisor Young expressed that the effort should be tabled until further discussing with County Commissioner's and Supervisor of Election regarding language, format and process.

Supervisor York discussed fertilizer ordinance to go before the BOCC has been moved to December 13th BOCC meeting.

Supervisor Benson discussed Lake Gore site inspection.  Supervisor Benson discussed opportunities to get routine sampling for Lake Gore and a future litter clean-up event to be organized by the Board.

Associate Supervisor Mahnken responded to a question from Supervisor Duncan regarding lake water quality data.  Mr. Mahnken discussed the Seminole Lake Atlas data and the significance of the trophic state index cited. 

New Business - Supervisor Benson distributed to the Board, a letter to the Orange County BCC expressing opposition to their recent decision approving the Lake Pickett South development in Orange County.  The Chair stated that because Supervisor Kendrick is absent she will attempt to contact him for his signature.  If Supervisor Kendrick doesn't sign it, the letter will be sent without his signature.

Supervisor Benson discussed the "Keep America Beautiful" program vs. "Keep Seminole Beautiful".  The application fee would be $4000 plus annual fees.  The Board generally agreed the effort to move ahead with a budget and funding would need to happen before any interest would be discussed.

Announcement and Open Comments - Supervisor Young discussed Amendment 4 and endorsement by the Board.

Next Meeting September 13th at 6 pm

Adjournment 9:03 pm

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